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Is stress ruining your life?

Stress is an integral part of our everyday lives. Without a certain amount of stress in our lives we would fail to build up vital defence systems designed to protect us from negativity.

There are two types of stress: positive stress which promotes creativity and helps us achieve, and negative stress that puts a physical strain on the body.

3 tips to minimise negative stress and promote positive stress:

Use of time

It can take us two to three times longer to complete a task than we think. When planning ahead allow for interruptions, and give yourself double or even triple the length of time you think you will need.

This will allow you to feel in control of your day rather than it controlling you. It also means you can welcome interruptions rather than having them frustrate you and potentially scupper your day.


Develop a positive mental attitude. Learn to identify the positives and points of learning of any situation. All experiences, whether good or bad teach us something valuable about ourselves, the world we live in and our role in that world.

Understanding that there is something to learn from every situation can help to alleviate the stress negative experiences can cause. By developing a positive mental attitude you will start to lighten up and begin reducing the level of stress in your life.


Get to know how many hours sleep you need and ensure you get them! This will reduce stress as it will help you to function at your best.

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