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20 Second Skin Affirmations

Sometimes in life we can find ourselves having off days when we feel out of touch with those around us. We might feel targeted, criticised, ignored or just not taken seriously for whatever reason.

We know we should simply ‘ignore’ it and move on, see it as ‘water off a duck’s back’ or just toughen up and develop that second skin. Sometimes, however, this seems easier said than done, and we find ourselves either retaliating aggressively or slipping into a state of melancholy.


If this is you, one of the ways in which you might begin to deal with the inner discomfort caused by others’ less-than-positive behaviour towards you is to have at your fingertips a number sayings or affirmations designed to develop a second skin.

The concept of the second skin is that you are literally creating a protective barrier between the inner you and the other person. Some people place themselves inside an imaginary bubble, or place an invisible wall of white light around them.

Whatever method you use, the idea is that you are preventing negativity from being absorbed into your body, your psyche and your subconscious. In this way you maintain a sense of inner strength, rather than being crushed by what is happening around you.

The following affirmations work best if said aloud and with feeling so that you create a vibration or sensation in the body as you speak. This helps to drive the messages home. Repetition also helps to embed the affirmations into your psyche.

  1. I always do the best I can given the person I am right now
  2. I am improving every day despite what is happening around me
  3. If others do not treat me as I would like it is their issue not mine
  4. I am completely self reliant. I do not need the approval of others to feel that I am worthy and a person of substance
  5. I always have the power to choose to ignore any animosity that comes my way
  6. Others’ negative comments towards me are opinions and are necessarily true
  7. I am no better or worse than anyone else ‘out there’
  8. Everyone around me is just trying to make sense of the world in the same way I am
  9. I choose not give anyone the right to undermine my strong inner sense of who I am by their comments or behaviour
  10. Those who are the most negative towards others re often dissatisfied with themselves
  11. I exercise the right to live my life on my own terms, and know that that is enough
  12. I am not responsible for changing others. I am only responsible for how I respond to others
  13. From this day forward I choose to give more significance to those around me who value me for who I am, and less to those who do not
  14. It is not important what others think of me, what is important is my own inner sense of who I am
  15. I choose, from now on, to assertively take up my place in the world
  16. I always have the power to choose to let go of any emotion
  17. I always face every situation with confidence, knowing that there is an ideal way to tackle anything, and a solution to every dilemma
  18. I commit to being so strong that nothing and no-one can shake me
  19. Any adversity that comes my way is an opportunity for me to develop a winning strategy and to grow
  20. Every day I am deepening the level of respect I have for myself, and this is being radiated to others

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