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Five Steps to Successful Goal Setting

Goal setting is a term we often hear, but what does it mean? Goals are distinct aims for the future, and therefore differ from dreams.

The following is a five point goal setting plan.

1. Establish your values in the principal areas of your life (work, lifestyle, financial…). For instance, your lifestyle values may be health and vitality

2. Set the goal based on those values: for example your goal might be: participation in the 2009 London Marathon

3. Follow these eight principles when setting goals. Goals should:

  1. Be written - ideally in the present tense
  2. Be reviewed daily to embed them in your psyche
  3. Have a clear outcome
  4. Stretch you
  5. Be ‘SMART’: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, have target dates and milestones
  6. Have a support structure: ie people around you
  7. Be supported by a strong motive: why are you setting this goal?
  8. Be visual: with use of pictures and illustrations

4. Consider the effect of your goals: how will they affect your relationships? When will you pursue them? What will you sacrifice…etc?

5. Celebrate goals as you achieve them, be determined and consistent…

…and you will succeed!

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