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Some of the following clients have opted to have their details kept confidential

"It's been extraordinary. Really useful and exactly what I've needed to move forward. Had some really good resources to take away with me. Easy to work with Carmen. She's compassionate and professional" AK, Leicester (Coaching & Energy Therapy client)

"…thank you for the conversations we had…which helped me tremendously at the time and have been invaluable…the insights I gained from our sessions have been transformative. With very best wishes for your continuing work" JE, Leicester (Coaching client)

"These sessions have helped me get back to being the outgoing person I was before. I'd suffered from depression for four years and I had lost interest in the house, in socialising and in talking to anyone. Now I’m going out again, calling people and getting involved in line dancing, rock ‘n roll and bowling. I can’t believe how my life has changed. You’ve helped me turn a corner. Thank you." Margaret, Leicester

"This technique (emotional freedom) is helping me take control of my life to make things happen and to make necessary changes in my life. It has allowed me to feel more relaxed and confident. It has made me aware that I am able to progress and deal with the difficulties I’m facing. I now know deep inside that with practice I have a technique I can use to deal with my issues." emotional freedom client

"For the 2 weeks that followed our session, I was emotionally free of anger!!! It was an amazing feeling...I just didn’t realise the weight I had been carrying around with me." Reena, Leicester

"I got to say I feel really good. The funny thing is, I actually thought about a couple of people I've been angry with for many years and guess what? Absolutely nothing. I felt completely numb. No emotion at all. You could not get better feed back because I could not have wished for a better experience. And even if it does creep back, you've given me the tools to deal with it. Well done and many, many thanks." emotional freedom client

"From my very first session I was taught techniques in how to deal with some of my issues and I found them instantly beneficial. Over the course of the following weeks we touched upon various other effective ways to help remove these blockages I was experiencing and week after week the results amazed me"

"The coaching has helped me to free up an extra 2 hours a week with just one simple technique" Nitesh, Leicester

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