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Are You Helping or Hindering Your Own Success?

Your state of mind and your behaviour are crucial to your success in life and in business.

What is your state of mind immediately prior to engaging in any business activity? What are your expectations? Have you ever gone into a business meeting thinking thoughts such as 'Well this isn't going to work out is it?' Or 'I'm not going to get anywhere with this contact, it took me three months just to get an appointment!'

If this sounds like you, how do the events you become involved in usually turn out? Do they turn out negatively, positively or indifferently? Are you the kind of person who thinks pessimistic thoughts so as to avoid being disappointed at all costs, or do you always keep an open mind?

What about your behaviour? Is it generally strong, decisive and powerful or do you project meekness, dependency and lack of self confidence?

How do you generally approach new situations and activities? Do you tiptoe around them, break them down into manageable sections, do you jump in with both feet, do you avoid tricky situations altogether? What does your body language communicate in different situations? Have you ever monitored it and if so what does it tell you?

All of the above questions are designed to get you thinking about how you mentally and physically engage in everyday activities in both your business and your life. As individuals we give off a frequency or vibration. This vibration (or vibe) is influenced by what we think and will be reflected in how we act. It is also sensed by others. It is therefore in our interests to think positively about ourselves and what we represent if we want to begin attracting people and hence business to us.

Over to you

Take some time now to think about an occasion in your life and/or your business when you were extremely positive about an impending event or activity. Did your attitude influence the event in any way? If so how?

Similarly think of an occasion where you were very negative about an impending event. Again, think about whether this negativity had any influence on the activity or outcome? Could a different, more positive attitude have made a difference? If so how?

In the same way, think about two occasions in which your behaviour was a) positive and b) negative. Look at, and analyse both situations and the effect of your behaviour on them.

The idea behind this exercise is to establish how you think and behave and how this impacts your business and your life. It is also an opportunity for you to begin to see ways in which a shift in thinking and/or behaviour can change an outcome for the better.

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